Sep - 24

Incredible shopping deals at AI powered supermarkets in UAE

The pandemic is ruthlessly shaping our shopping styles, from small retail shops to huge supermarkets; we prefer quick shopping deals and contactless shopping. UAE government focus on maintaining all the covid protocols. Whereas, they try to improve customer experience by implementing lot of new ideas! Technology plays a significant role in the Middle East, Artificial intelligence will transform the concept of shopping in the upcoming years. As per the global research, the use of AI in retail market is expected to cross more than 24$ by 2027.

Sep - 24

Magic at DDF’s millennium millionaire series in UAE

What would you do to become millionaire overnight? For most of the people in UAE, Dubai duty free raffle has a dream come true opportunity. The lucky draw is entering its 21st year and it has made many of the UAE residents and travellers millionaires in the country.

Aug - 25

La Cantine du Faubourg – The Real French dining at Dubai

Are you ready for a luxury dining treat? Then, head on to one of Dubai’s finest French restaurants that is all set to welcome its food lovers after a quick makeover of eight weeks.