Incredible shopping deals at AI powered supermarkets in UAE

The pandemic is ruthlessly shaping our shopping styles, from small retail shops to huge supermarkets; we prefer quick shopping deals and contactless shopping. UAE government focus on maintaining all the covid protocols. Whereas, they try to improve customer experience by implementing lot of new ideas! Technology plays a significant role in the Middle East, Artificial intelligence will transform the concept of shopping in the upcoming years. As per the global research, the use of AI in retail market is expected to cross more than 24$ by 2027.

According to the statistics, AI have been using throughout 2020 for various purposes. If suppose you want to follow the current industry trends, then take your existing retail store into advanced AI store,

Carrefour has a chain of supermarkets in UAE. As a new beginning, Carrefour presents the first automated supermarket supported by artificial intelligence. Moreover, it’s the first supermarket in Western Asia without cashiers. They often give extra shopping offers and the giant retail company presented its vision in the shopping mall in Dubai by launching the store on Monday.

Why physical stores are adopting AI?

Even in the pandemic period, most of the people preferred grocery sales in physical stores. People still like to see, touch, and smell the goods for a better shopping experience. To overcome these challenges, physical stores cannot be replaced by any online alternatives; instead, they rely on AI to tackle the pandemic. Using this learning approach, the companies have increased their overall shelf-stocking efficiency.

Customized promotions

We all search for shopping catalogues to decide our purchase. Over the years, promotion through broadcasts and catalogs were quiet expensive. But, today we have a plenty of options to create customized promotions and ensure infinite shopping experience.

While employing AI and advanced analytics, it’s easy to track their preferences and give specific shopping offers. Retailers gain extensive knowledge through AI and allow them to customize promotions to increase sales and attract more buyers.

AI can incredibly go deeper and learn over time, this allows you to increase the pricing of products in future.

What’s special in Carrefour?

The Carrefour mini-market resembles an ordinary store that has soft-drinks and snacks at the forefront. The store in Mall of Emirates has 97 cameras in store to identify the products, track the movement of customers and improve inventory management as well. It’s the UAE’s first checkout free store with exciting shopping deals that works along with advanced technology.

The store uses AI technology that allows users to shop at the store using the app on their smart phones. Consequently, they can pick up the necessary products and exit the store without paying at the counter.

MAF Carrefour app handles both store access and shopping payment as well. The cameras track in-store activity powered by a combination of computer vision and machine learning. They use this tracking technology to identify the shoppers’ body structure but, it doesn’t record any facial recognition or biometric data.

With certain key points, cameras detect each shopper when they pick up or drop down the product. Here, the virtual basket is updated automatically. When the customers’ leave the store, you get a total amount to the registered card as well as a digital receipt through MAF Carrefour app,

AI represents a huge leap forward for the retailers in UAE. Get exciting shopping deals from these AI stores!

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