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Weak threads? Your hair needs the Match Growth Tonic line. It increases the strength and endurance of your hair while minimizing its fragile appearance. A proven and visible result in just 30 days!​

Its formula contains Vitamin B and proteins, which repair and promote healthy growth intensifying it up to 15% stronger, leaving you hair moisturized and with an enhanced shine.​​

Products in the image:​
- Match Growth Tonic Shampoo, 250 ml​
- Match Growth Tonic Conditioner, 250 ml​

Our Match Growth Tonic line is cruelty-free!​

#ImageDescription: In a bright background, the Match Growth Tonic products are displayed on the top of a white sink with the text: Strong and nourished hair. Centered at the bottom of the image is a white amphora, the symbol of O Boticário.​​

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