55DSL created in 1994 was an experimental spin-off from Diesel,but the brand rapidly established its own exuberant identity. “Live At Least 55 Seconds Per Day†is the mission of the brand. Now a company in its own right, it both complements and defies its parent. The line was originally inspired by radical sports – snow, surf and skate – and these remain anchored in its DNA. But as the brand grew, it embraced the fusion of sport and urban culture that is the foundation of today’s street style. Like its core 18-to-30-year-old customers, 55DSL is at home on a mountainside or in Manhattan; it moves effortlessly between skate-park and nightclub. 55DSL garments are designed to resist the toughest elements, while remaining aesthetically stunning. The company’s upbringing as part of the Diesel family guarantees an instinctive understanding of fashion.

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