Cities Design, Art & Lifestyle is a unique concept store which houses creative lifestyle, luxury, and modern design products all under the same roof. Cities is an established and recognizable source for unique design and distinctive art and home accessories. Artisans and renowned designers from across the globe choose Cities as an arena to share their authentic creations. Moreover, in an attempt to promote the often neglected talents of designers from the Middle East and Gulf regions, Cities works hand-in-hand with many up-and-coming designers to highlight their contributions to the field of art and design. Every addition to the Cities’ collection is hand-picked and selected from various Middle Eastern and international design shows and exhibitions, rendering each displayed item precious and distinctive. Nevertheless, exhibitions are not the sole channel by which Cities selects its products and items. Many pieces are individually selected due to personal interest or appreciation, which further validates the eclecticism that is found within the store. This particular facet of the store sets Cities apart from design stores which harbor mass marketed objects, highlighting its carefully selected items and collections.