Daiso was launched in December 1977 and is headquartered in Higashi, Hiroshima City – Japan. Founded by Hirotake Yano in 1977 brand’s story is one of Japanese business lore. The idea says Yano, came when he was working as a salesman, selling trinkets off the back of a truck in 1977. “There were so many people buying, demanding to know the price immediately, that I found it difficult to keep up” he reminisces. “That’s when I thought of a store where all items will be sold at the same price.” Sounded simple enough and Yano decided to turn that idea into reality.Every store adheres to the founding principles of the business, ‘affordable, extensive range – excellent quality – best possible prices. Daiso currently operates over 3000 stores across the world. In 2004, the company’s domestic sales in Japan were recorded at 302 Billion Yen (US$ 3 Billion).


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Address:The Dubai Mall Lower Ground, Downtown, Dubai, UAE