Dani by Daniel K brand is founded by Daniel Koren in 1999 in New York. He began his jewelry education at a young age. The son of a second-generation diamond dealer, he was captivated by the hustle and bustle of the diamond industry, and it was little surprise when he stepped into the jewelry world, launching his high-jewelry brand, Daniel K, in New York in 1999. What was surprising was the subsequent speed at which his brand and his personal reputation for jewelry excellence grew. In 2014, Koren launched his first diffusion fine jewelry collection featuring the most exquisitely cut simulated diamonds set in sterling silver. Named DANI by Daniel K, the new brand made its worldwide debut at Baselworld, with the aim of introducing a new generation of jewelry lovers to the brand. DANI by Daniel K offers products that purchasers can afford now, before perhaps moving on, one day, to own a high-end, precious Daniel K piece.

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