Dux beds was Founded by Swedish chocolate maker Efraim Ljung in 1926. Ever since the founding of DUX in 1926, its ambition has been to manufacture the world’s most comfortable beds. The DUX bed is the result of advanced sleep research and technology, combined with traditional Swedish craftsmanship. A development and production collaboration focused entirely on bringing you a good night’s sleep. But let us for a moment turn the clock back to 1924 – the year the history of DUX begins. During the 50s and 60s the business was expanded to also include sofas and chairs. In the 80s, a store concept was created, DUXIANA, which later developed into a chain of design hotels by the same name. Today DUX is represented in 22 countries and is a notable symbol of quality, innovation and craftsmanship around the world – just as Efraim Ljung envisioned over 85 years ago.

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