Fabi founded in 1965 by the skilled hands of the brothers Elisio and Enrico, along with their wives Gina and Vilia, shaped their first mens shoes .Their classical, elegant style and superior quality materials immediately became the hallmarks of the brand. Now, for almost a half century, the brand has been putting its name to high class footwear for men and women.Their discerning customers, who are confident in their choices, well equipped to appreciate superior footwear and love the refined details of Made in Italy . Products include Women Shoes, Men Shoes, Women Bags, Men Bags, Women Belts, Men Belts, Jewels, Barracuda Men Shoes, Barracuda Men Bags, Barracuda Man Belts, Old Sail Women Shoes, Old Sail Men Shoes, Old Sail Clothing, Mare Women Shoes, Mare Women Bags.

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