GINA renowned internationally for its exceptional sculptured footwear and handbags was established in London in 1954 by master shoemaker Mehmet Kurdash. It is the only remaining the last and only British designer label producing luxury footwear in London today. GINA’s bespoke shoes have become the latest must have indulgence of the fashion elite. When GINA opened their couture salon in Old Bond Street in 1999 – media hysteria soon followed over their astonishing accessories. In particular, their £18,000 alligator mules finished with 18-carat white gold buckles and inlaid with 36 princess cut diamonds. These slippers are so remarkably ostentatious that the Millennium issue of The Guinness Book of Records acknowledged them as the world’s most expensive slippers. In June 2009 the first flagship store outside the United Kingdom was opened in the Fashion Avenue of the prestigious Dubai Mall. In March 2011, the fourth GINA store opened its doors in the Mall of Emirates, Dubai and in April 2013, another flagship GINA store opened its doors in Prestige, Avenues Mall, Kuwait.

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