IQ is a new brand concept maintaining the highest Apple standards and guidelines, specializing in the complete range of official Apple products and a wide selection of exclusive third party Apple accessories. The store combines retail, business-to-business, service and educational programs in addition to pre- and after-sales support and training. Knowledgeable, Apple-trained IQ experts are available to help customers learn about the latest Apple products and provide authorized repairing of Apple and Apple-related products. IQ is distinguishable from other retailers in that it offers a wide and exclusive range of third party accessories including DJ ware, sound systems, headphones and other items that cannot be found anywhere else in the local market. IQ provides customers the chance to test drive Apple’s entire product line from the latest Macs to the newest iPods and iPads in a customer-friendly and smart environment.


Phone:04 3794450

Address:Mall of the Emirates Level 1, Dubai, UAE