Founded in 1909 in Thrissur, India, Kalyan Silks, the world’s largest silk saree showroom network, has been the most trusted brand in Kerala for more than a century now. Today Kalyan Silks prides itself in world-class showrooms in Kochi, Thrissur, Palakkad, Kozhikode, Kannur and Kottayam,Thiruvalla, Bangalore, Dubai and Sharjah , this leader in textile retailing will further strengthen its presence by adding many more showrooms to its ever-growing network. Kalyan Silks’ product lines are different from other players in the textile industry. So are its infrastructure facilities. Kalyan Silks has a string of looms in all major centers across the country. In-house designing centers and manufacturing units help Kalyan Silks bring the latest trends to its shelves. In addition to all this, Kalyan Silks owns India’s largest wholesale textile showroom, which powers this heritage brand to control prices and maximize quality right through the year. Kalyan Silks features fabulous saris from the designer collections of SAUGANDHIKA, SAHAANA is the latest line of branded bridal sarees from Saugandhika series

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