Maje, the name chosen by its founder, Judith Milgrom, is a combination of the initials of the first names of her loved ones. In 1998, Judith decided to create clothing for active women. At the time, no products were offered that fell between luxury and the mass market. The company achieved rapid success and Judith decided to open her first shop on rue du Four in Paris.Eight years later, Maje has more than 150 shops in France and abroad. The Maje style sketches a subtle difference between modernity and quirkiness, with authentic pieces and sharp details.The Maje spirit is resolutely feminine, understated, glamorous and bold. While Judith asserts herself in her current, highly identifiable creations, her commitment exceeds the boundaries of fashion.In November 2011, Maje crossed the Atlantic to set up shop in New York where the brand opened two stores and three corners.

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