MCM founded in 1976 blossomed on the heels of a cultural renaissance of modernism, novelty and progressivism during 60s and 70s in Munich. Dubbed “The Glamorous and Legendary Years of Munichâ€, it was an era of rebellion, marked by a generation of creative visionaries, artists, musicians, jetsetters, tastemakers, entrepreneurs, and stars and starlets alike, including the notorious Giorgio Moroder, inventor of the 1970s “Munich Soundâ€.It was the start of a new era of nightlife and daily life where anything was possible—an exciting time when visions and unprecedented innovations in architecture, movies, music, art, photography, media, fashion, beauty, technology, travel and mobility thrived. MCM established itself at the height of this golden age and we continue to embody the rich cultural spirit of Munich, translating the essence of this epoch for today’s progressive global nomad. Each MCM piece is personalized with a unique number engraved on the iconic brass plate. Like a treasured heirloom, this signature detail is the finishing touch to every MCM bag, making every item iconic.

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