The Moreschi Shoes was founded in 1946 with the feature of an artisan company in family structure, in the district of Vigevano, traditionally the heart of the production of quality footwear. To date Moreschi, with 400 employees and a production of more than 240,000 pairs of shoes a year, it is one of the most prestigious brands of the made in Italy, by the high quality internationally recognized. The management of the entire production chain, from storage to delivery, is completely internal to the company for a 100% made in Vigevano. This strategy allows you to ensure the highest quality, through the control of the finest details. Each product Moreschi, then, is a small masterpiece that blends craftsmanship, creativity and innovation. Today, Moreschi’s world includes a wide range of products: footwear, clothing, leather goods and accessories for sophisticated customer, portatili appreciate elegant details and handcrafts, with a polish and refined contemporary-chic design.

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