Niesh is a brand of women’s accessories tapping into the creativity of every woman. Niesh, headed by the Jethani family, began it’s journey in 2007 in the glittering and eclectic city better known as Dubai. A city that naturally complemented the brand ideals of glamour and modernity that is evident in our designs. Plans of Niesh’s future are bright, with expansion throughout the city, and an ever-increasing range of products making their way to the store and website. Being a family run boutique, Niesh is run with a personalized passion that can be seen in our products and service. Niesh has gone from strength to strength, incorporating new styles each season to our repertoire of carefully sourced and selected handbags, shoes, and clutches.

Phone:04 3526669

Address:Al Fahidi Street Al Souk Al Kabir, Dubai, UAE