Nomination Italy founded in 1980’s is the home of Composable Bracelet and Extension Bracelets.NOMINATION bracelets allow for the creation of jewellery truly unique to you. With over 1,000 charms in the Nomination collection you can celebrate the special places, people and moments of your life. NOMINATION bracelets are made of hard wearing stainless steel that is not only tarnish resistant but retains a sparkling shine. The charms are set in 18ct gold or 925 silver with semi-precious stones, cubic zirconia’s or enamel. NOMINATION bracelet’s work on a hook and eye concept meaning that you replace a plain link with a charm and over time once your bracelet is full of charms you will have a new bracelet that can be ‘Nominated’ to someone else or even just keep it for yourself!

Phone:+971 4 256 5777