The seeds of NYS Collection Eyewear were planted over 30 years ago through the friendship of two Brooklyn born and raised young men, Sal Babbino and Marc Behar. Although the bond between the pair formed early, the initial path each took led to very different turns. Following his graduation from college in 1996, Marc Behar pursued his interest in the financial sector, while Sal Babbino invested his energies into a t-shirt and hat cart on the outside courtyard of New York City’s iconic World Trade Center. As Sal Babbino developed his small business, the opportunity arose to purchase the sunglass cart adjacent to him. Realizing he needed a business partner for this venture, Babbino turned to his old friend who, despite his Wall Street position, welcomed the opportunity to join him in the dynamic world of self-employment available in the specialty retail industry.

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Address:Deira City Centre, Ground Level, Dubai, UAE