OODLIFE is the brand name used for marketing modern contemporary furniture across the world, and has established itself in China, India, Europe, Middle East, Japan and Australia. Parent brandUyork was founded in 1997. Today there are more than 300 chain stores and own stores in China, and they’ve also successfully exploited a franchise store system in Gemany, U.A.E. and India. Their products cover the major cities in the 28 provinces and areas of China, and more than 30 countries and areas areas all over the the world. Today OODLIFE has become one of the most representative furniture brand in China and the most active Chinese furniture companies in the international market. The factory adheres to strict quality controls, and every raw material used in the manufacture of products is selected after stringent quality checks with special concern for sustainability. The designs are selected after extensive research considering every aspect of consumer usage, for its practicality in daily use, the aesthetic values and looks, its sustainability and trendiness. OODLIFE products have acquired ISO14001 certifications.