Patrizia Pepe founded in 1983 was born from creative director Patrizia Bambi’s passion and head of management Claudio Orrea’s flair for business. The name “Pepe†is from the outset, emblematic of the brand identity, non conventional and dynamic. Since then, women can recognise a brand that combines practicality of everyday living and glamour for those special occasions, thanks to the elegant minimalist lines and meticulous attention to detail. Contemporary, funny, sensual; perfect for bringing together all the idiosyncrasies of the Patrizia Pepe lifestyle. The brand has demonstrated that it is able to quickly create iconic garments with indisputable originality, recognisable and timeless for years to come. Always attentive to what is stimulating the market, the brand is committed to complementing and enriching its offering. In 2005 the first Men’s collection was introduced, followed two years later by the Children’s line. The year 2011 saw the launch of the Beachwear range, and January 2014 signalled the start of the Accessories line.

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