Pimkie is a fashion brand for young women’s clothing, which is represented by its own shops in France and in most European countries. Pimkie is aimed at young, active and very feminine women who express their femininity with a natural look. Pimkie offers its customers the opportunity to purchase great trendy pieces at the right time and at the best price.The company is located in Villeneuve d’Ascq near Lille in northern France. The company is located in family hands. Founder was Gérard Mulliez.The designs are done in the locations Lille, Barcelona and Milan. The company employs 6,300 employees, revenues of 765 branches is around 600 million euros (2009). Competitors include C & A, Zara, H & M, as well as Bestseller, New Yorker, Tally Weijl, Esprit and Camaïeu.

Phone:04 3958737

Address:Mall of Emirates, Ground Lev,el Dubai, UAE