Pure Gold Jewellers

Pure Gold Jewellers is the realization of a dream and the fulfilment of a vision: to create a brand that consistently delights the customer with excellence and innovation. Firoz G. Merchant is the Chairman and Founder of Pure Gold Jewelers. It all began in 1989 when his idea took shape as the first Pure Gold Jewellers store. With over 2 decades in the market, Pure Gold Jewellers has matured over the years with more than 100 stores in India and the Middle East, along with 2 manufacturing factories in India and 1 in China. By combining the latest design, extensive retail experience, and a range of innovative concepts, today Pure Gold Jewellers has developed as a leading jeweler in Middle East & India. The core expertise of Pure Gold Jewellers has always been to provide luxury products at affordable prices with world-class service.

Phone:+971 4 232 8797