Romeo Gigli’s griffe makes its first appearance in 1979 in New York. Dimitri, a tailor known in that period, gives him the possibility to learn the basis of the job and to develop his creative talent. The sartorial technique acquired during that stage will represent the basis of the new proportions of woman’s figure in future collections. In 1983, he presents his first collection realized by Zamasport. This debut is a little cultural shock: jersey dresses tied over the body, tiny jackets, tight shoulders and curves extalting a seductive and fragile anatomy, undefined and intense colors, bring a brath of fresh air and attract immediately the attention of journalists and buyers.At the beginning, fashion world witness to a perfect dichotomy: to one side avant-garde press seeing immediately the newness of the project and the possibility to create a new code of femininity, to the other side the perplexity of who was still anchored to a boasted and determined female model. In few years, the griffe is welcomed in the Olympus of greatest designers and his fashion shows in Milan become the most exclusive and craved appointment. In his creations times and ethnic groups, landscapes and poetries following an original esthetical path (which is never integrated in a common trend or style) are reflected.