Royal Furniture

Royal Furniture Group has spread its retail operations in the UAE and India. Currently, the company has eleven showrooms in operation with the brand name “Royal Furniture†in UAE with over one million square feet of display area and another twelve showrooms in India with brand name ‘Indroyal’ besides a wide dealer network.The retailer boasts one of the largest collections of furniture in both ‘classical’ and ‘contemporary’ models. It has 5000+ different models of furniture displayed in its show rooms across UAE and India. These exclusive showrooms span over an area of a million square feet and showcase the latest collections and concept designs. It serves as a one stop shop for all your furniture needs where as a customer, you can choose from our classical or sleek contemporary designs all with the guarantee of outstanding quality at affordable prices. Established in 1991, it embarked into diversified portfolio- Furniture, Mattresses & other Foam Products, Design & Development, Turnkey Fit Out solutions, Hospitality and much more.

Phone:+971 4 2981040