SELSAL as the name resembles “Pure Clayâ€, is a UAE company based in Dubai, established in 2006, offering the finest handicrafts ceramic products for the Gulf region. Our product’s respect within the handmade arena is a testament to 30 years of dedication to design excellence and creativity. We carry unique product lines of Earthenware, each of our unique handmade ceramic glazed pieces carries in its original design, calligraphy, colors, and shape an aspect of Middle Eastern rich civilization. The original 18 carat gold plated of all product lines with its calligraphy are the ONLY ambassador for the brand. Each piece of the earthenware range carries the ancient Middle Eastern art and passion as potters have given a unique personal touch to each piece. This makes SELSAL the ultimate choice of affection for ceramic handicrafts products. The exclusive superior quality of our Italian clay; that is rich of minerals, is given interplay of endless glazed colors possibilities between the different product lines. Their exclusive range of products starting from the white, turquoise, green, beige and red colors collections is a mixture of textures and art brush techniques that speak of hidden treasures from the far Middle East flung corners of the world, creating an outlook of a strong sensuality.