The Sportland Group is amongst the most successful Sports / lifestyle and Fashion corporations in the Middle East. The Business activity of Sportland began in 1984 with the opening of its first retail outlet in Al Ghurair Centre- Dubai. The key focus initially was on sporting goods related business which represents the heritage roots of the group. From its Dubai’s conveniently located headquarters, Sportland manages the analysis of international markets in order to keep well updated and bring to the region the “hottest†brands, collections and banners. The endurance Sportland has been showing in the past years has been rewarded not only with a considerable turnover increase but also with the acquisition of new important international brands. Sportland has a diverse portfolio of brands which bring together the finest in the world of Fashion & Sports. Converse, Gstar-Raw, Ipanema, Terranova, Roller Blade are just to name a few.

Phone:+971 4 887 1888