Founded in 1998 in Istanbul with the idea of creating an international brand was born within the bodily constitution of Sengor Halicilik, who has begun its activities in 1919. Today STEPEVI is in a proud position to further re-define rugs across the world with a wealth of experience and expertise in the world’s rug making capital. Combining traditional rug making techniques with new technology, STEPEVI is a pioneering interiors brand with innovative collections inspired by the latest fashion colors and textures. All STEPEVI rugs are produced in its manufacturing base in Isparta, a southern Turkish town synonymous with carpet production. STEPEVI owns the largest integrated manufacturing centre in Europe and Middle East, and this is what sets the company apart, together with its constant development of the most innovative technology. Today, STEPEVI is an undisputed benchmark of contemporary rugs with boutiques in London, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, New York, Dubai and many other design capitals of the world.

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