A household name in the UAE today, Sunrise city supermarket entered this market on a humble note in 1977. During this period, they have earned the LABEL of ‘your friendly neighborhood supermarket’, competing with the biggest names in this sector. They operate more than 15 retail stores in the emirates of Dubai and Sharjah. Based in Dubai, the company and its COMPANIES have an annualized sales volume of approximately AED 200 million and employ more than 450 workers. Vegetables,Fruits,Spices,Pulses,Fish,Meat,Cosmetic,House hold,Stationary,Baby food, Frozen,Soft drinks,Chocolate, Philippine,Russian, UK Products etc are the products at Sunrise City Supermarket outlets. The second phase will see the Sunrise City chain reaching into Abu Dhabi and other Emirates.The company is also chartering its diversification into the hospitality and travel & tourism industries.

Phone:+971 4 459 3800