Tara Jarmon founded in 1986 is a label that is both “so†Parisian and Universal at the same time.The look is romantic, sophisticated and alluring but undeniably refined, fantasy is a key word: mixtures of prints, fabrics and materials, cocktails of colours and attention to every detail. A concentration of subtlety makes the clothing fashionable and in touch with the styles of today. It is a house of fashion, with its pattern makers, its designers, its quality controllers, the experts in all areas are indispensable.. The exclusive prints are drawn and developed in-house, the pieces are assembled firstly in calico according to an “artisanal†know-how, all is thought of here. By seeking excellence, by refining every garment to make it just right, the mix of creativity and its accessibility, Tara Jarmon found its place in the landscape of French fashion: thanks to the hundreds of hands which make its signature, it obviously became a “petite Grande Maisonâ€.