The Kooples is a ready to wear French brand created in 2008. Its creators , Alexandre , Laurent and Raphael Elisha , are the son of Tony and Georgette Elisha which are at the origin of the brand. The Kooples has a premium positioning , which it defines as the “high end accessible “. And is addressed to young and affluent customers . It stands out for its rock style , trendy and dandy .The Kooples is also distinguished by its concept: dress the couple . Hence its name, which comes from the English pronunciation of the word †couples †. The clothes are mixed and androgynous , often from the masculine cloakroom. The Kooples main objective is to create clothes that resist the passage of time and remain elegant for all of eternity. The ability to revive “must haves†from past decades and centuries is one of the luxuries of our postmodern era. Travelling across time and between cultures, a ring designed by The Kooples, for example, may be inspired by a 17th century vanity but re-interpreted through the lense of Carnaby’s very own legendary jewellers The Great Frog. Sharply tailored sleeves sewn in the iconic ateliers of Saville Row, the epicentre of British elegance, are shaken up with 21st century flourishes for a modern twist on tradition. In 2011, the brand began its international expansion by opening stores in London. By 2012 the company has 247 stores in France, 36 in Britain, 24 in other European countries (Germany, Ireland, Spain and Belgium 64, 7 New York outlets, 7 in Switzerland. By August 2013, the ready-to-wear claw is present in corners in department stores Bloomingdales and the Nordstrom.

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