The Red Carpet is a part of the Heritage Group which was established in 1975 and has been providing customers with an expansive range of handmade carpets and rugs ever since. What distinguishes them from other local or international carpets companies is the fact that they customize their our own carpets and rugs based on customer’s requirement and current trends. The Red Carpet offers a range of variety in handmade carpets , machine-made carpets, handtufted carpets and Persian rugs at their showroom across UAE. Their traditional collections of carpets and rugs feature carpets that epitomize one of the oldest art forms, yet still harmonize tastefully and effortlessly with contemporary furniture. To enhance the range of carpets we also select and design pieces that follow the trends of the modern world. This ensures that your home can incorporate the latest fashions, colors, design and textures. Their retail outlets in Dubai, U.A.E have supplied many homes within the G.C.C but also as far afield as Europe, Australia and Africa.