Triumph International is an underwear manufacturer founded in 1886 in Heubach, Germany. The company’s headquarters has been located in Bad Zurzach since 1977, and it has branches in 50 countries. In addition to the Triumph brand, the company produces and distributes the products under the brands sloggi and BeeDees. Triumph International has been an industry leader, particularly in women’s and sleepwear, since the 1960s. As a company, Triumph is characterized by a passion for high-quality and fashionable products, which is matched by a deep respect for our environment. With the takeover of two French name brands, HOM and Valisère, Triumph International ventured into the men’s underwear and high-quality lingerie market. At the same time, the company announced in 1995 that in the future it would focus more on its Triumph umbrella brand, under which a number of brands would be classified.

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