VV & Sons founded in 1958 is considered one of the pioneers in electronics, and is responsible for the electronics boom in the country. The line up offered by VV & Sons consists of a complete range of products and includes most of the major brands in the industry. VV & Sons ensures that every brand gets individual attention whether it is in advertising, Marketing or Sales. The showrooms are the automatic destination for serious audio or videophiles. Major Brands Represented include : Denon, Marantz,Definitive Technology, Pure Acoustics, Boston Acoustics, LG, Triangle, Bose etc. Apart from its own retail outlets, products can be purchased from most electronic chains and dealers, large hypermarkets and co-operative stores. Needless to say, the service provided will be on the same standard irrespective of where the product has been purchased.

Phone:+971 4 341 0663

Address:Mall of The Emirates, Level 1, Dubai UAE