The brand Van Santen & Van Santen has a long history. Established in 1956 by the family of professional Argentinean polo player Robert van Santen, the brand was first known as manufacturer of quality leather polo equipment. Later it also started to manufacture sportive quality men’s clothing in the lifestyle segment. Van Santen & Van Santen’s collections are inspired by the traditional polo lifestyle which surrounds the exciting equestrian polo sport. The brand is dedicated to offering the very best garments within this lifestyle of the sport of polo – a sport which is fast, competitive and demanding, but which also represents a specific way of living, a culture. The basis of this culture lies in Argentina, a country which breaths polo. The lifestyle is sportive as well as exclusive, stylish and international. Each collection consists of an extensive and complete line of clothing for the man who prefers a sporty and well dressed look. The brand combines an excellent quality, a perfect fit and elaborate stylish details. The items are designed with sporty masculine artwork and polo details such as rich logo crests, embroidered patches, fancy stitching, masculine elbow patches and leather accents.

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