The conjunction of opposites is the winning formula of the Versace Home, whose main sources of inspiration : neo classical,baroque and ultra-modern create an everlasting flow of unexpected harmonies. The essence of the Versace style runs through a series of strong, captivating suggestions, whose uniqueness combines the appeal of precious materials with a strong taste for vibrant colours and bold ideas. The collection explores every room of the home, offering a wide selection of bed linen, bath towels, table cloths, furniture, lamps and accessories. The collection is meant for people with a strong taste for details and decoration. Two parallel and apparently contrasting moods : classic and modern, offering a variety of sophisticated hints and inspirations for very contemporary homes. Warm tones of woods, golden lacquers, soft lines and clean graphic shapes mixed to baroque volutes, gold, silver and stunning velvets and silks are the essence of a timeless collection.

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