Villari is an iconic italian luxury brand, a significant player in the interior design field that has a long-standing history with a trusted brand name. The story of Villari began with a love story when, Silvia and Cesare Villari both working in a porcelain factory got married in 1965. In 1967, their passion for porcelain and an entrepreneurial spirit led them to open their own porcelain factory in Solagna (70 km from Venice). At the beginning the company started with porcelain figurines inspired by Capodimonte. Villari became famous in the 70’s for the its figurines and its decorative hand-made flowers applied to cups, vases and chandeliers.Villari continually reinvents porcelain! Combining expertise with creative audacity, Villari will pleasantly surprise you with an astonishing variety of stupendous sculptures; decorative items and sublime collectibles. the Villari lifestyle revels in elegance, taking it to excess with a touch of poetry and fantasy. Villari lifestyle expresses the ultimate in sparkling interiors: a true symbol of the Italian “art of livingâ€.

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